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From content utilisation to audience building

The platform that collects and organises all the signals left by the public within our properties. You have a database with highly accurate and qualitative information at your disposal, to expand your potential customers.

Audience Builder segmentation criteria

Interests What do your users like?
Demographic What kind of target audience do they represent?
Retargeting What do they buy online or what are their main interests?
Contextual What specific keywords do the articles read by your audience contain?

The benefits of Audience Builder

01 Audiences built with first-party data
02 Constantly optimised and updated information
03 Option of activating a qualitative data, making it dynamic

Continuous Optimisation with Machine Learning

Through Machine Learning, our DSP drives the data from the Audience Builder, attributing a positive or negative score based on the Audiences’ interaction with the brand message.

01 If the interaction is positive, their behavioural traits are studied in greater detail and consequently refined in a qualitative manner.
02 If, on the other hand, they respond negatively, the artificial intelligence engine searches for new, better-performing behavioural nuances to achieve the campaign KPIs.