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Maximise your performance

Achieve your performance and branding goals. By integrating the proprietary Audience Builder with our DSP, you can engage your potential customers effectively and at the right time.

Contents Audience

We collect all the information about your initial audience within our Audience Builder, analysing the interests and behaviour of your potential customer.

For example: Starting with the demands of a brand, which intends to intercept a Young audience, we consider the primary target audience that we will extract from our Audience Builder.

Initial segment: Generic Junior Employee
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 18-25
  • Interests: travelling, concerts

Score Attribution

Our DSP, based on Machine Learning logic, is able to activate the initial audience, optimising it through the score attribution process.

For example: Audience behaviour towards an advertising message is analysed and scored against the performance or branding objective. The audience is continuously being updated, identifying new behavioural patterns useful to improve KPIs.

Target Audience

The end result of combining first-party data with our advanced programme technology is an optimised and expanded target audience through the identification of new behavioural patterns.

For example: You will now have more detailed information on the target audience than was initially collected within the Audience Builder to achieve your campaign KPIs.

Final segment: Business Woman
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 24-35
  • Interests: travelling, concerts, +watching movies, +horse-riding, +video-making